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To begin, you’ll need measurements. As you can see, I am using a dress form...

Transcript from “Drafting Fitted Bodice Sloper - Professional Method, Part 1”
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The education of designers has suffered for some time from an acute dearth of methodology, sufficing itself with imparting knowledge on the most rudimentary level. 

by Kenya Ha


‘When a semiotic mode plays a dominant role in public communication, its use will inevitably be constrained by rules, rules enforced by education, for instance, and through all kinds of written and unwritten social sanctions.’

Reading Images
by Gunther Kress and Theo van Leeuwen


a rigid material used for making copies

Session 103.1


Something starts being a little odd. 

A collaboration with Phoebe Chan to investigate how the mannequin limits the process of design and how we look at the body.



A selection of work that explores and challenge how we (subconsciously) replicate designs due to past ideas that are deeply embedded in us.

1-3 Dictionary Dressing by Femke de Vries
4-6 Disobedient Bodies by J.W Anderson
7   Table of Content by Siobhan Davies