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But we don’t really know, do we ?

“The more firmly we’re convinced that we’ve identified an object, the less precisely we understand it. We used to design mere stimulations, but now we part ways with that past and look at the ordinary with clear eyes, to yield new thinking on design.” 

Designing Design Chapter Redesign
Kenya Hara


a chance that something may happen

Session 102.1

Fabricate :

1. to make by art or skill and labor
2. to make by assembling parts or sections.
3. to devise or invent 
4. to fake; forge

In collaboration with choreographer Maisie Sadgrove and cinematographer Natalja Safranova to explore where the image of the ‘body’ is constructed and to construct the ‘body’ from bodies.


1-2 Lumps and Bumps by Comme des Garcons

"If you saw the person from the front, you expect a certain familiar image. But when a person turns around, you see a totally different image, which is quite unexpected from the shape of the costume. And that was such a delight to my eyes.” Merce Cunningham

3-4 Ergonomic Futures by Tyler Coburn